Staff training is a legal requirement as defined by Fire Safety Order, Article 21.


Fire Safety Awareness & Fire Warden Training


Course content


  1. Fire legislation
  2. Fire statistics
  3. Fire safety management system
  4. Fire triangle
  5. Identifying Potential hazards
  6. Common causes of fire
  7. How to prevent fire occurring
  8. Fire extinguishers & Class of fire
  9. Arson
  10. Human behaviour
  11. Case study
  12. DVD – Action in the event of fire
  13. Hands on using portable fire extinguishers
  14. Question & Answer session
  15. Test – an interactive test at the end of the training session 


Knowledge and skills gained will help reduce the likelihood of fire occurring.


Your staff will gain knowledge in the precaution of fire safety and the skills to apply this in your work environment, thus reducing the likelihood of fire occurring.


Should a fire occur, your staff will have the skills to take appropriate action in the event of fire.

This will help to give you peace of mind as well as compliance with the Fire Safety Order.


For staff training please call today on 0800 772 3031




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