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Fire Safety Products From the Experts in Sutton Coldfield

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Fire Safety Products: Welcome

We are able to supply a wide range of fire safety products designed to keep your property and your people safe from fire.

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Fire extinguishers

One of the most important fire safety products we offer are fire extinguishers. The majority of fires start very small and statistics show that generally, about 80% of fires are put out by trained staff using portable fire extinguishers. Fire extinguishers are required by law and our team are on hand to ensure you get the right extinguisher at the right price.

The main types of extinguishers used are;

Water (for textiles paper and wood), Foam, ABC Powder, Co2 (for electrical fires) and Wet Chemical (for cooking fats and oils). 

The number of extinguishers required is determined by the size of premises, the number and distance of fire exits and also the specific fire risk at the premises.

Three bright red fire extinguishers

Fire alarm systems

At Alimco Fire & Electrical Limited, we provide service and maintenance for existing fire alarm systems and can also upgrade or install new fire alarm systems.

A fire alarm system is designed to give early warnings when it comes to fires and the majority of commercial, business or residential premises will require a fire alarm system. The level of coverage and alarm type is determined during your fire risk assessment.

Our engineers are able to provide a wide range of fire alarm options and our systems can be installed in accordance with BS 5839-1:2013, this is a hardwired system using fireproof cable. We are also able to install wireless systems where required.

Qualified Electrician installing emergency lighting

Emergency lighting systems

Emergency escape lighting is required to aid the escape of occupants in the event of a power less. The emergency escape lights have a battery backup, should there be a power failure, emergency lights will power up and provide lighting for the escape routes and fire exits. 

Emergency safety lights and signs are also used in stairways, changes in direction and where there could be a trip hazard.

At Alimco Fire & Electrical Limited our trained engineers have many years of experience and can ensure you have the right emergency lighting, signs and equipment. We also offer maintenance services and checks.

Fire safety signs

Fire safety signs are not just a legal requirement, they are designed to help you keep your customers, clients and staff safe while in your premises.

  • The purpose of fire safety signage is

  • Identify fire equipment

  • Indicate fire exits and direction of travel in the event of fire

  • Advise what to do in the event of fire

  • Identify specific hazards, such as high voltage electricals

At Alimco Fire & Electrical Limited we are able to provide a variety of signs including photoluminescence signs. These signs are visible to the naked eye even in the event of a power cut.

Multiple accommodation fire safety equipment and signs
Fire Safety Products: Services
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