Fire safety is a key part of business management.


Once you have a fire, it will be too late to act!


The 1st step to take, is to have a valid, suitable and sufficient fire risk assessment for the premises concerned as prescribed by the Fire Safety Order.


Below will give you a clear insight on what we do to assist you with the compliance of the Fire Safety Order.


The first question you will probably be asking is…. what does compliance entail?


In simplest terms, it is having a fire precaution in place (as defined by the Fire Safety Order), which means a system in preventing the likelihood of fire occurring.


One cannot give a 100% guarantee that a fire will not occur. To address the risk of fire should it occur, here are some items to consider; 


  • Compartmentation; so as to preserve the escape routes in the event of fire.
  • Fire extinguishers to fight the fire in its infancy.
  • Appropriate fire alarm system where required to warn that a fire has occurred and to alert the users of the building to evacuate.
  • Emergency escape lighting; emergency escape  routes and exits require illumination to be provided with emergency lighting in the case of failure of normal lighting.
  • Fire safety signs; Fire equipment to be indicated by fire safety signs and emergency escape routes, exits to be indicated by directional signs.
  • Staff training; this will aid staff to identify specific fire risk and take appropriate action hence potentially reducing risk of fire occurring. Should a fire occur, they will have the knowledge on how to react in the event of a fire thus reducing the likelihood of serious injury or loss of lives.


These are a few items that need to be in place so as to be compliant with the Fire Safety Order.


Non-compliance of the Fire Safety Order 2005 could lead to prosecution and also your insurance cover potentially being void due to non-compliance.





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