Fire Risk Assessment


A key component of compliance with the Fire Safety Order is to undertake a Fire Risk Assessment.


The findings of the fire risk assessment will determine what action will be required so as to comply with the Fire Safety Order, for example;

  1. Adequate & suitable fire equipment on site including emergency escape lighting?
  2. Adequate maintenance of fire equipment including emergency escape lighting?
  3. Adequate fire safety signage?
  4. Staff training?
  5. Use of building, taking into account hazards introduced
  6. Compartmentation within the building itself and breaches of compartmentation
  7. Policy, management and active fire precaution system in place in order to implement a safe and effective response to a fire situation
  8. Record keeping for the above


Post the fire risk assessment and its findings acted upon, you will have eliminated certain fire risk or at least you have reduced the fire risk to a minimum acceptable level.


There will be a system in place where staff roles will be defined and having the skill set both in the precaution of fire safety and in the event of fire.


It will help to reduce the risk of fire and should a fire occur it will help to limit the damage and cost to your business. Also reducing the likelihood of serious injury or loss of life.


Fire risk assessment is carried out in accordance to the British Standard PAS 79.


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