Fire Extinguishers


Majority of fires in their infancy start small such as a basket fire or an electrical appliance such as a toaster.


80% of fires are put out by trained staff using portable fire extinguishers thus not requiring to summon the fire brigade.


The portable fire extinguisher acts as a first aid in responding to small fires, thus preventing it turning into a major fire incident.


The main types of extinguishers used are;

  1. Water
  2. Foam
  3. ABC Powder
  4. Co2
  5. Wet chemical

The differing types of extinguishers is to address different types of fire risk at the particular premises, i.e.,


  • Wet chemical for cooking fats & oils
  • Water for textiles, paper and wood
  • Co2 for electrical fires

The number of extinguishers required is determined by the size of premises, the number of fire exits and travel distance to the fire exits and also the specific fire risk at the premises.


All fire extinguishers to be serviced by a competent service engineer annually.

Any used extinguisher is required to be refilled, serviced or replaced.


Fire Blanket


Fire blanket is suitable for small chip pan fires & if a person's clothing catches fire.


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